Note: The source code of Cloud Chia Plotter is released, you can review it on or build it from these Source code to ensure safety.

for windows beginners see following guides, for CLI users (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Source Code) refer to cloud chia plotter on

Step 1, Create a new project with your own farmer public key and pool contract address(or public pool key for OG plot)

Step 2, View the project token and copy the project token

Step 3, Download gui.ps1(a simple windows gui version for beginners)

Download and save it as gui.ps1:

Step 4, Run the gui.ps1

See the following screen: right click it, it will show the right menu, then click the "Run with PowerShell" option.

Step 5, Wait for downloading the CloudChiaPlotter.exe (Safe? Yes! You can review the source code on

Step 6, Paste the project token copied from [step 2] and setup folders and network bandwidth(test your bandwidth?)

OK! It's running, It will auto download all plots related to your project, just keep it running